Participant:  acelepage
# Entries:  17
# Victories:  3

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
2D Physics no- view -
Chat Bot no- view -
Christmas Challengeentry 1 no- view -
Christmas Challengeentry 2 no- view -
Cursor Effect no- view -
Ecosystem SimulationSmall sim that shows a group of animals running away from some people. It's a shame you didn't have time to do more on it, as it looked like it would have progressed really well. no- view -
Executive ToyBall Machine - The ball and machine movement were very realistic. yes- view -
Maths Gameentry 1 no- view -
Maths Gameentry 2 yes- view -
Mouse Gesture Recognition no- view -
Random Maze Generator no- view -
Retro ReinventionStar Castle I really liked the feel to this - it just took me back somehow. Sound effects were great, and although it was quite hard, I enjoyed playing it. no- view -
Space SimulationI like the orbital physics. the camera control is awkward though. incorporating orbital physics and debris, attempting to dock at a space station after destroying the boxes might be a fun addition no- view -
Tic Tac Toe no- view -
Top-down RacerThe lapmeter thing was cute, and the AI control and car avoidance was implemented rather well to. no- view -
Traffic Simulation no- view -
Transition Effect yes- view -