Participant:  Tone3e
# Entries:  5
# Victories:  2

= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
Bouncing Ball no- view -
Create a Characterentry fulfilled all the challenge criteria yes- view -
Muzzle FlareYour original entry worked fine except the object for the muzzle flare was a little strange looking. Using a couple of suggestions, you definately made improvements and incorporated a nice recoil to the gun. It would've been great if you had figured out how to add in the discarded shells! yes- view -
Social AIGood use of gosubs and nice rolling spheres but you didn't seem to get round to programming the AI which is a shame. no- view -
WeatherI like the carving up of the terrain with the tornado. Would've liked to see you expand on the idea a bit more. Maybe alter the look of the Tornado to be less cuby. no- view -