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# Entries:  7
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= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
Deathmatch Arenano title no- view -
Drawing ProgramThis was a really nice effect. Would work really well as a screensaver. Pretty! Nice use of colours as well. no- view -
Drawing ProgramA pretty good effect, looking very realistic too. Froze up my DarkBasic though  no- view -
Muzzle FlareNice looking minigun (in 32 bit resolution especially) and you're getting first person camera movement down to a science it seems. However, there was no shooting of the gun, no flare, no animation. It's a cool model, but the entry doesn't meet the criteria of the challenge. no- view -
Racing GameSmooth controls, nice turning map, awsome AI and shows you position. Could have textured the objects and matrix and coloured the backdrop. no- view -
Social AIYour 3D entry was looking promising but was never completed. The top-down shooter was quite fun but really hard! Needed some work to fix a few bugs. no- view -
WeatherGood rain effect. The particle generator was a little heavy on the processor. I wouldn've liked to see if your update with the particles only spawning if they were in front of the camera would've helped. A single added sync would've gotten rid of the line in the splash texture: gosub make_texture sync no- view -