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= Winner   = DBP Challenge
Challenge Comment Winner Code
Deathmatch ArenaAlex's Deathmatch no- view -
Deathmatch ArenaAlex's RPS yes- view -
Dice Gameonly entry, winner by default yes- view -
Golf CourseUsing objects almost entirely was a neat idea. However, you could watch as the objects formed; it would have been a good idea to show them all at one time. It was a little hard to discern where hole #2 ended and #3 began. no- view -
Hi-Score Cool 'revealer' effect. However, besides that, it was kind of boring because you used plain text (and it didn't fill up the whole screen). no- view -
Item Chasing GameGold Catching Game - A fun game that has a funny premise. Very smooth and quick movement of player. Some items would be placed on top of each other, placing a gold box on a 10 ton weight. An error occurred during play, Bob does not exist. Subsequent play repeated this error. This is a disappointment, as the game was really good.  no- view -
Mouse InfoEntry 2 no- view -
Mouse InfoEntry 1 no- view -
Object Selection ChallengeLooks like the beginning of a great game - liked the cut scenes a lot. These will be superb with media, if that's what you plan on. The object selecting itself was accurate and reliable. Nothing happened when I moved the robots off the edge of the screen  no- view -
Object Selection ChallengeFlame Wars - very nice use of textures and primitaves to make some interesting models. Object selection works just fine. Liked the menu system too - sometimes it crashed, as discussed in the thread. Good work no- view -
WeatherA theatrical update to Obese87's winning entry.  no- view -
WeatherThis came out pretty interesting. The swirling flakes were kinda neat and I could see this kind of generator used for falling confetti. no- view -