Challenge:  Weather
Judge:  Latch
Start:  February 3rd, 2008
End:  February 18th, 2008
Details: Make a 2D or 3D weather effect. 

Author Comment Code
TDKVolumetric Particle - This looked like it would've been truly exceptional if you had finished it to your desired level. The transitions were really quite interesting. I was most impressed with the snow, though it only snowed in one area in front of the camera that I could never seem to reach. The program though, crawled along at between 10 and 15 fps. Great job over all!- view -
OBese87Foggy Mountain Top - Very nice fog effect. Very simple and straight forward code. I would've liked to see some interesting lighting effects to change the mood and perhaps the time. Also, a rising or falling fog would've been nice.- view -
Insert Name HereA theatrical update to Obese87's winning entry. - view -
Insert Name HereThis came out pretty interesting. The swirling flakes were kinda neat and I could see this kind of generator used for falling confetti.- view -
Zombie 20You put together what looked like you wanted to have random lines appear on the screen as rain. You took a quick stab then never tried to fix it...- view -
Tone3eI like the carving up of the terrain with the tornado. Would've liked to see you expand on the idea a bit more. Maybe alter the look of the Tornado to be less cuby.- view -
Link102Good rain effect. The particle generator was a little heavy on the processor. I wouldn've liked to see if your update with the particles only spawning if they were in front of the camera would've helped. A single added sync would've gotten rid of the line in the splash texture: gosub make_texture sync- view -