Challenge:  Wacky Alarm Clock
Judge:  demons breath
Start:  October 4th, 2007
End:  October 11th, 2007

Author Comment Code
TDK+Awesome alarm effect... the best one I've seen... looked so cool with all the cogs +Looked good in 3D -Quite slow and jerky -Seemed to have a little difficulty accepting input - I had to press the keys several times to get them to work -Several hours after the deadline- view -
OBese87+Really cool way of setting the alarm +Looked good - Basic & Easy to use -As it was in 24 hour, setting the alarm for 11:50 AM would take a long time as you'd have to go all the way round the circle - possibly 12 hour would have been better -The alarm itself could have looked better -Not hugely wacky, to be honest- view -
Binary Coder+Unique way of displaying time +Easiest/fastest to set +Only one that -Alarm time could not be adjusted without restarting the programme -Less aesthetically pleasing (some of the other guys had better looking programmes) -Any value could be input - the programme did not differentiate between "cabbage" and "07:19:32" therefore should I have accidentally typed Cabbage instead of the time, I would have ended up hours late for school- view -
OBese87+ Looked really good - totally unique time display - Harder to read the time - No alarm function- view -