Challenge:  Space Simulation
Judge:  qwe
Start:  July 29th, 2007
End:  August 19th, 2007

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RicFun fighting. it would be a good idea to have ships that are attacking you to be red on the radar, otherwise you dont know which ship to turn towards. ship to ship and ship to star collision also would be nice. the background for this is good (great looking star, and the 'stars' flying by showing velocity was a nice touch)- view -
gadgetfreak 66this has the potential to be an awsome game. it feels professional, with a good looking backround. adding stuff to the level like planets, black holes, etc, and using good models and adding some combat, and it could easily be one of the top DBP games- view -
acelepageI like the orbital physics. the camera control is awkward though. incorporating orbital physics and debris, attempting to dock at a space station after destroying the boxes might be a fun addition- view -
jasonhtmlgood concept (AI dogfight) and good laser/weapons sight but it but doesn't feel very playable. when you go upside down, the left-right control is inverted, its hard to stay in the combat area (you zoom right by it), the AI gets stuck in loops and the mouse isn't centered so clicking to fire often leaves the window. nice starscape- view -