Challenge:  Object Selection Challenge
Judge:  Comrade Robski
Start:  July 21st, 2007
End:  August 1st, 2007

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Insert Name HereLooks like the beginning of a great game - liked the cut scenes a lot. These will be superb with media, if that's what you plan on. The object selecting itself was accurate and reliable. Nothing happened when I moved the robots off the edge of the screen - view -
roddmanVery good game, liked it a lot, once I got used to the men moving to the crosshair not the mouse, as I originally thought. Very good object selection routine.- view -
OBese87Nice pizzabox texture, but I can't select them - view -
Insert Name HereFlame Wars - very nice use of textures and primitaves to make some interesting models. Object selection works just fine. Liked the menu system too - sometimes it crashed, as discussed in the thread. Good work- view -