Challenge:  Item Chasing Game
Judge:  LBFN
Start:  July 13th, 2007
End:  July 20th, 2007

Author Comment Code
Insert Name HereGold Catching Game - A fun game that has a funny premise. Very smooth and quick movement of player. Some items would be placed on top of each other, placing a gold box on a 10 ton weight. An error occurred during play, Bob does not exist. Subsequent play repeated this error. This is a disappointment, as the game was really good. - view -
OBese87Jack and the Beanstalk - I like the clouds and the game did have challenge to it. I beat the game, but the beanstalk had not grown all the way to the top of the screen. I did not see any info in the HUD. It was good to know when the water bucket was full so you could water the beanstalk. Something showing progress would have been nice. Nice splashing effect of the raindrops. Nice game.- view -
NinJA999Dark Shooter - The text is too ssslllooowww. You could press a key to make it print more quickly, but the game didn't tell you to do that. It probably would have been better to press a key and then print all of the game info. A fun game to play. The player could move almost completely off the top/bottom of the screen. Proper placement of enemies would have avoided this need (in order to shoot them). In development, the game had all gotos replaced, an impressive accomplishment. Nice work overall. - view -
OBese872D Cube Catcher - I needed some rules and game info here. What was I supposed to do? The name implies that you move the box to the falling cube, but I did this and the cube did not disappear and I did not understand how the points were added/subtracted.- view -
TDKmissile command- view -
Comrade RobskiCool, unique idea. I loved the electricity graphics as well as the firewall. The mouse control was a little difficult. The game was fun, but was a little too easy to play. On occasion, the incoming viruses would not be destroyed when I hit them with the laser. Very nice game overall- view -