Challenge:  Graphics Screensaver
Judge:  NanoGamez guy
Start:  April 27th, 2007
End:  May 4th, 2007

Author Comment Code
TDKHas created textures from simple 2D comands. Psychodelic rotating cube plus rotating cylinder of differant coloured particles coming towards you. Quite slow though.- view -
PhaelaxStarfield method 1- view -
PhaelaxStars again. Faster, but still not that realistic travel- view -
PhaelaxVery clever fern growth. Each time it made a different plant. When you pressed space is sped up the growth but missed out on the detailed bits.- view -
Zombie 20Colourful and fast. Made me a bit sick after staring at it for a while. Doesn't end if you move the mouse or if you press a key. Try slowing it down a bit- view -
Zombie 20Again colourful but nice to look at. Again doesn't have screensaver propeties.- view -
LatchAs latch said "very boring".- view -
LatchNice and slow and colourful. Reminds me of the first program I ever made...- view -
LatchCool orbiting words. Very simple but I could stare at that one for hours. Not too flashy but effective.- view -
LatchNeat mirror effect with the cube plus split screen and he made chessboard texture. High fps too. I think the split screen took something away from it. Mabye you should have changed the backdrop because seeing the black didn't really help- view -
PhaelaxNice bouncing and rotating boxes with trails. Very pleasing to the eye and very fast and smooth. Could have changed the colour of the backdrop though- view -