Challenge:  Cursor Effect
Judge:  Peter H
Start:  November 18th, 2006
End:  December 2nd, 2006

Author Comment Code
acelepage - view -
Code Dragon - view -
Critsweet! reminds me of duo, nice trails on the circles- view -
Critentry 2 - nice glass, the handle and rim give it a nice touch- view -
Critentry 3 - interesting static, would be cool if it went in the other directions too, though i can see how that might be impossible to make look decent- view -
Critentry 4- view -
Daemonreminds me of etch-a-sketch! nice sinusoidal movement- view -
Diggseynice swinging balls, though the sine adjustment of the mouse could get a little frustrating- view -
lower logicentry 1 - woah, i'm hypnotized! careful, if you leave the mouse in one spot too long you might never be able to get up again!- view -
lower logicentry 2 - You weren't sure what to call it. I think a name for it would be "oscillating hyperbolic rotational disco". pretty rad man.- view -
Ricentry 1 - nice magnifying glass, smooth edges on the zoomed objects.- view -
Ricentry 2 - interesting, but is it suppose to leave a grey smudge on the screen?- view -
RiiDiientry 1 - haha, and that's about it- view -
RiiDiientry 2 - interesting! the window left graphical glitches on my screen- view -
RiiDiientry 3 - nice zoom + grainy edges- view -
Sven Bentry 1 - rofl! that's like that fly game for cellphones where you have this string attached to you pulling you down.- view -
Sven Bentry 2 - kind of dim- view -
Sven Bentry 3 - impressive!- view -
ThinkDigitalentry 1 - not sure i got the point of the game- view -
ThinkDigitalentry 2 - nice, although it's a little static and runs slowish- view -
UFOdisco time!- view -
Zotoasternice clock- view -