Challenge:  Brain Challenge
Judge:  NanoGamez guy
Start:  April 29th, 2008
End:  May 27th, 2008
Details: Make a program that will test the mental ability of the person who uses it; examples: arithmatic, logic, reactions, etc... Program should only test 1 ability. Entries must contain a scoring system. 

Author Comment Code
Sinani201A very good concept that was challenging but fun. I like because it makes you think of multiple things at once in a very clever way. Given a bit of time, that could develope into a very nice little game. Of course, the graphics did let you down- view -
TDKA cool idea combining maths with a bit of action! The animations were a nice touch and the menu made it feel more like a full game. I thought it looked a bit cheesy, but thats just my opinion!- view -
LatchNice idea that was really quite addictive. I liked the 'traffic light' effect, although the rest wasn't as pretty- view -